Pediatric Anesthesia

Here at Loudoun Anesthesia we’re parents too. We understand that anytime your child needs medical care it is stressful to both you as a parent or caregiver and for your child.

We take the time you and your child needs to understand the procedures, how to prepare for anesthesia, potential risks, and recovery.

Preparing your child for surgery

An anesthesiologist is a physician with specialized training and knowledge in pain management and sedation who administers medications to patients to provide comfort and stability for surgical procedures.

Prior to surgery, your anesthesiologist will meet with you and the surgeon to make the child’s visit to the hospital or outpatient facility as easy as possible.

We expect that your child may be frightened. Children up to the age of five and six are most concerned about being separated from their loved one and they may also worry about pain. Older children share many of those fears and may question what is going to happen to their bodies.

Here are some useful tips to help calm your child:

  • Answer your child’s questions as calmly as you can. If you need help with a
    medical question please ask us.
  • Children can sense when their parents are stressed and anxious. It’s important
    to remain calm so that your child will have a sense of security too.
  • If any part of the procedure is going to hurt, be truthful.
  • Let your child have a favorite soft toy or blanket for comfort.
  • Explain to your child that he or she will have to follow some important rules
    about eating and drinking prior for surgery.